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Dena Foods, a specialty food company created in 2021, is dedicated to giving true African flavours to the world through our fresh, healthful, and authentic African sauces.

We were brought together by a mutual love of African flavours, and we're committed to providing sauces that not only taste wonderful, but can also be purchased with confidence because they are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

I adore cooking and have a lot of fun doing it. The truth is that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen on average, with much of that time spent prepping the ingredients rather than actually cooking. As a result, we spend less time with family and friends and less time doing what we really want to do. This was the driving force behind the creation of our Dena Mix sauces. For a long time, I wanted to make a sauce that people could enjoy while creating excellent meals quickly and easily.

Dena Mix sauces

Dena Mix sauces are produced with a lot of love and care. You save time, work, and energy when you use our sauces as a base for your dishes. You have the freedom and creativity to create a wide range of delectable meals fast, easily, and conveniently. Dena Mix sauces are currently prepared with all-natural ingredients that are preservative-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial colours.

Our sauces are available in a variety of chilli strengths, so no matter how spicy you like your food, there's a sauce for you. Each sauce is packed with nutrients and suited for vegetarians.

So, what's the crux of it? Dena Foods is more than a specialised food company; we're a dedicated group of people working together to develop all-natural, authentic fresh and healthy African sauces.

"...it saved me so much prep time, no chopping or cleaning, and a gorgeous meal was ready in 20 minutes..."

~ Ana

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I have tried the Dena Mix Nigeria Red Sauce and it has turned out absolutely amazing! It's saved me so much prep time (no chopping or cleaning) and a gorgeous meal was ready in 20 minutes!


I'm still cooking but had to take a minute to say you nailed this Ayamase sauce. Like mehn the taste is perrffeecccttt!!! Right amount of chilli and literally too less than 20 mins to cook this pot from start to finish.


Used my dena mix for my dinner. It’s brilliant! So good as a base, I added smoked paprika and veg and some peas and chicken. Wow it’s really good! It’s just right for me


Adeola Fisayo Founder of Dena Foods

Adeola Fisayo

Founder, Dena Foods

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